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Aloe Vera Gel - 97% Pure | ALOE ACTIVE™



VENDOR: Aloe Vera Cosmetics Australia


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Aloe Vera Gel 97% Pure 

For relief of:  SUNBURN, ECZEMA & PSORIASIS (traditional use)


Aloe vera gel provides a covering over minor aliments for effective relief from the symptoms of:

  • sunburn   
  • eczema   
  • psoriasis
  • dermatitis
  • insect bites and stings
  • itches
  • windburn
  • dry skin
  • minor burns
  • cuts, scratched & abrasions
  • chaffing & rashes

Application: Apply aloe vera gel liberally to affected area 3-4 times daily.

Topical application of aloe vera:

  • reduces the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis       
  • speeds up healing of insect bites, minor burns and abrasions
  • provides relief from sunburn, windburn, chaffing and rashes
  • lessens the painful effects of shingles
  • provides skin with 20 of the 22 amino acids needed for skin immunity
  • provides your skin with vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, magnesium and iron, amino acids and mucinous polysaccharides
  • stimulates new cell growth to aid healing
  • helps protect against infection
  • inhibits the pain and discomfort of skin ailments
  • reduces the risk of scarring
  • increases collagen production
  • reduces skin pigmentation
  • works as a natural moisturiser, due to its ability to retain moisture in the skin
  • sooths irritations and minimises itching

Active ingredient aloe barbadensis fresh leaf juice 97% w/w
contains diazolidinylurea 0.3%, hydroxybenzoates 0.14%, sodium benzoate 0.4%, potassium sorbate 0.8% w/w

Aloe Vera's healing properties

Aloe vera is one of the oldest plants known to possess healing powers. Aloe Vera has the ability to form a thin layer of gum resin on the skin, which relieves inflammation and reduce the risk of infection. Aloe vera also contains lignins which help penetrate deep into your skin and moisturise the inner tissues. Aloe Vera can help heal eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis by relieving pain and discomfort. Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory and cooling properties soothe irritations and minimises itching while its antibacterial properties help reduce the risk of infection. Read more about aloe

What is Aloe Vera gel?

Aloe vera gel is made from the jelly-like extract from the inner leaves of the aloe barbadensis plant, or ‘true aloe’. Aloe vera gel can be applied to wounds, ulcers and burns, creating a protective layer over affected areas and speeding up the rate of healing. It can also be used on the skin for its astringent, moisturising and soothing properties. Our aloe vera gel is 97% pure, made from highest quality fresh Australian aloe vera leaf juice, and is acknowledged for its therapeutic value by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Organic Aloe vera gel soothes, cools and moisturises skin, reviltalising its appearance. The gel is non oily, does not stain and is unscented.  Aloe vera gel is cold pressed. Aloe vera can also be taken internally. 

Aloe Vera helps heal wounds

Applied to wounds aloe vera is a mild anesthetic, relieving itching, swelling and pain. Aloe vera is also anantibacterial and anti-fungal, increases blood flow to wounded areas, and stimulates fibroblasts (the skin cells responsible for wound healing). Aloe vera also helps speed up the healing process and reduce scarring. Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate to the inner layers of the skin, supplying moisture directly to the underlying tissue. The reason that aloe vera is excellent at relieving pain and itching is that it contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is the same pain relieving agent found in certain commercial pain medications including aspirin.

Aloe Vera and sunburn

Aloe Vera works wonders on all types of burns, especially sunburns. Because of sunburn’s delayed effects, severe sunburns are quite common and can result in extreme pain, swelling, and even blisters. Aloe vera is excellent to use on sunburn as an after sun treatment due to it's anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Apply organic aloe vera gel directly on sunburt skin. See After Sun Care.

Why choose Aloe Active™ organic aloe vera gel?

Our Aloe Vera is grown herbicide and pesticide free in the finest Australian plantations, sliced fresh and cold pressed within 48 hours in state of the art processing plants. This ensures your Aloe Vera Cosmetics products are of the highest quality and purity.

As with our Aloe Vera juice and eczema less®, Aloe active™  aloe vera gel is a high quality Australian-made product made from 97% pure aloe barbadensis miller fresh leaf juice and is recognised as a therapeutic product by the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (AUST L 99788) which requires documented proof of all health claims, ensuring you can use Aloe Vera Cosmetics Australia products with confidence and safety.

Australian Made and Owned

Aloe Vera Gel - 97% Pure | ALOE ACTIVE™

Aloe Vera Gel - 97% Pure | ALOE ACTIVE™

Small (100g)
Large (Bulk 1ltr.)
Medium (200g)